Estate planning teleconference

TelephoneTo help you as you reflect and make decisions about your estate and Will, we would like to offer you an opportunity to particpate in an esate planning teleconfernce call hosted by us and presenting by ADVISORS with Purpose. 

During this 45 minute call, you will receive estate and Will planning information to help you understand the critical issue of providing for your family, reducing your tax burden, and how you can continue supporting ministries of your choice.

During the call, we will bring a brief ministry update and respond to questions you may have about our overall mission.  Joining us will be Lorne Jackson, from ADVISORS with Purpose.  Lorne will provide interesting, creative, tax-saving financial planning information to help you maximize benefits to your family, as well as updates on changes in the law that may affect you.

This is not a fund-raising call, and no appeal will be made to support anything; this is simply to provide helpful information, as many people are interested in knowing what to do when faced with estate planning challenges.  An estate planning specialist will also be available to talk with you personally and privately after the call regarding any specific questions you may have.

Please know that ADVISORS with Purpose does not sell any product; they are only interested in serving you and the Kingdom.

If you would like to participate in this call, please RSVP to ADVISORS with Purpose by email at  or phone at 1-866-336-3315.