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Who is ADVISORS with Purpose?

ADVISORS with Purpose is the ministry arm of the Canadian National Christian Foundation, a federally incorporated, registered public foundation serving the Canadian Christian community.

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Their vision is to promote sound biblical stewardship by helping individuals, charities, churches and financial professionals understand and live according to a biblical stewardship worldview.

ADVISORS with Purpose (AWP) accomplishes this in three unique ways:

1.Working with Christian charities to offer free and confidential estate plans for donors, helping these donors fulfill their desire to be faithful stewards of assets that will be left behind in their estate and will.

2.Working with churches across Canada to set up Debt Freedom Centres to help Christians and their communities get out of debt and stay out of debt. They train volunteer coaches to offer biblically sound, practical counsel to manage money. In addition they offer churches a stewardship program aimed at seniors who are looking to make important decisions about their estate.

3.Working with Christian financial professionals who work in their own practices or in financial institutions providing financial advice to clients.  Through a mentoring and discipleship ministry, AWP provides sound biblically based financial education aimed at helping advisors see their financial practice as part of God’s purposes. Once trained these professionals become part of a national network of ADVISORS with Purpose who can bring these sound financial principles into the advice they give clients.

ADVISORS with Purpose serves the Kingdom by helping Christians practice the life changing principles of good stewardship.