For Professional Advisors

Simplicity.  Creativity.  Efficiency. These are just a few of the many benefits for donors that choose to give through The Canadian National Christian Foundation (CNCF).  We work with professional advisors like you -  planners, accountants, legal professionals, and others - to enable your clients to give in tax-smart ways and make an eternal difference with their giving.

Unlike other public foundation options, we do not have any cap on the amount a donor can distribute in a year.  This means that the gifts get to the charities when the donor wants or can continue to grow to be given out over time.

CNCF offers you and your clients:

  • CNCF's Giving Funds (donor advised funds) allow your clients to:
    • make a donation for an immediate receipt and then take some time to grant their gifts to their favorite ministries and causes.
    • establish a fund during their lifetime to receive assets while they live and/or at their death.  The accummulation of growing capital can then create a secure income stream for a charity or a significant gift.
  • Opportunities to manage the investments within a donor-advised fund - Your client may choose to have you manage their Giving Fund on CNCF's behalf, assuming a minimum balance of $25,000.
  • Beneficiary services on registered accounts and life insurance policies to ensure proceeds are granted to chosen charities when the payout is made at death.

Incorporating charitable giving into your practice builds client trust, attracts new clients, and enhances the meaning of your work.