Partnering with CNCF

Clients have a trusted relationship with their financial professionals regarding the management and direction of their assets. With CNCF this relationship can continue when a clients wants to practice philanthropy with some of their assets.

Financial professionals working with CNCF can continue to manage those assets with a CNCF Donor-Advised fund, something not offered by industry companies offering the Donor-Advised fund giving option. Not only that but CNCF does not put a cap on the amount a clients can give, again, not an industry standard option. 

Find out how partnership with CNCF can help you serve your clients.

CNCF is proud to be a founding partner of Kingdom Advisors Canada. To find out more about this Kingdom building work or about becoming a member of the Kingdom Advisors Canada™ network, visit their website.


Stacked Hands

CNCF is also proud to be in partnership with ADVISORS with Purpose™  whose on staff estate planners are helping donors across Canada continue their faithful giving through their estate planning. Contact us for information about this partnership and how it can serve your clients.

These are just a couple of examples of the CNCF DIFFERENCE.