Blair served in the public accounting industry for 43 years with 42 years at the firm of McCay Duff LLP, a
large local accounting firm in Ottawa with an international affiliation. He was a partner of the firm for
37 years and managing partner for 10 years. Blair was an audit partner and was responsible for some of
the largest clients of the firm. Blair also had many small business clients and loved helping them to
meet their personal business and financial goals. Blair was a member of the Rotary Club of Ottawa for
over 30 years and served in many different capacities including being the President of the Club. He also
was very involved with his firm’s international accounting association that had over 120 members
around the world. He served as a board member, the chair of the Regions of America and then as the
International chair of the association.

Blair and his wife Fidele of 49 years have always been very active in their local church with Fidele leading
the Women’s Ministry in the past and Blair has served many years on the board, been treasurer, finance
chair, building committee chair, president and has lead the congregation through a major expansion of
over $10 million and is currently chair for a future expansion.

They have three grown daughters who are all happily married and have given them 8 fantastic
grandkids. Each of their daughters and families are very active in their churches.
It has been Fidele and Blair’s privilege to also work with two great Christian organizations in the Ottawa
area who work with the Ambassadors who come into Canada, the members of Parliament and other
Christian Business people. They have been able to go on a mission trip to two African Countries and
help spread the Gospel there. They are strong believers in Christian Missions around the world. Over
the years they have been very fortunate through the international accounting association to travel
around the world and make friends in many areas.