“You still lack one thing. Sell all that you have and distribute to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven…”  Luke 18:22

When the rich, young ruler encountered the Lord, Jesus’ words cut him to the quick, suddenly challenging him to consider his motives and beliefs. Would he release the wealth which he had worked so hard to obtain and the accompanying prestige, influence and voice he held? His whole world passed before him, challenging his values and world view to the core of his being.

When you and I encounter Jesus, what happens within us?

Our entire existence should be re-oriented and reframed as we have a fresh encounter with the Lord.

Just as the rich, young ruler, our lives can be suddenly turned upside down. Jesus gets to the crux of the matter as He touches into our personhood, our gifts and resources.  Consequently, an internal filter emerges, revealing the motives of the heart. How are we prepared to respond?

Each time we are brought face to face with a need, we have the opportunity to encounter the heart of the Father. We can harden our hearts and turn our thoughts elsewhere or we can ask “Lord, what would You want me to do in this situation?”

We may have ideas of savings for retirement, fulfilment of travel dreams, the purchase of another home or cottage or setting funds aside for residential care in our later years – yet, our plans can be pre-empted by an encounter with a need.

Our giving and partnering with God are much greater than ourselves.  We do it unto Him. We respond in obedience.  We make ourselves available for His purposes.  We avail our wealth, resources and person to Him –the author and creator of all.

We will have many opportunities this side of heaven to partner with Him. We can open ourselves up to see the world around us through the eyes of the Father, knowing what value He placed on people and the Kingdom in which we are called to live. Are we willing and available?

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling then the knowledge we have been about the Father’s business. In every new encounter, as He has spoken, have we responded whole heartedly and without reservation? All that we have is His. What other was could we respond?

May our hearts be open to a fresh encounter with Him that radically changes our perspectives and causes us to see the endless possibilities where we can release our wealth for eternal purposes and the expansion of the Kingdom in the lives of many.

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