“Now Barzillai was a very aged man, eighty years old. And he had provided the king with supplies while he stayed at Mahanaim, for he was a very rich man.” 2 Samuel 19:32

If I were to ask you whether you had ever heard of Barzillai, I suspect many of you would say you have not.  Yet, he played a very important role in the life of David.

We first hear of Barzillai in 2 Samuel 17:27. He joined others in bringing bedding, utensils, grains, flour, beans, lentils, honey and curds, sheep, and cheese to sustain David and the people when he was forced to flee Jerusalem during a revolt by his son Absalom.

Barzillai was a man who knew who he was and what he had been called to do by the Lord.  He knew he was to support David and his men in furthering the call upon David’s life despite what the natural evidence and circumstances suggested.

Reading about Barzillai’s life made me wonder if we are also provided opportunities to come alongside individuals and ministries the Lord places upon our hearts or into our spheres of relationships? 

Leaders or individuals require others to see the call upon their lives. They also need those who understand the necessity of walking alongside them to see the fulfillment of this call.  This walking alongside comes in various shapes and forms.  One way is by praying for them daily and encouraging them in their journey. For others, their ability to sow into the lives of others to accomplish their assignment from the Lord is what the Lord is asking of them.

Barzillai was a man with means to support David financially in his call. Barzillai was described as being rich and provided for all kinds of practical needs as David and his men travelled and fought battles.

Perhaps at this point, you are thinking ‘I am not rich so how can I play a role in helping someone answer the call upon their life?’. 

We all have been entrusted with resources from the Lord to varying degrees.  The issue is not how much money you may have, but the willingness to be used by the Lord. The mission begins by asking Him who He wants you to sow into, how to do so and then following through on His leading.

Sowing may be a one-time event involving large or small gifts.  Other times, the sowing may be for a short period of an affordable amount on a regular basis. Known as Gospel Patrons, there are also those who have been blessed with wealth who sow into the lives of others with a considerable amount.

Barzillai partnered with David and provided the means for him to accomplish his goals, and ultimately the work of the Lord.  We all have this same opportunity.

Have you asked the Lord recently whose life you can sow into? 

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