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Canadian National Christian Foundation provides several methods of contributions into a Donor-advised fund (DAF) or a CNCF charity fund, including:

  • eTransfer or Bill payment
  • Pre-authorized bank withdrawal (PAD)
  • Credit card
  • Physical Cheque
  • EFT or Wire
  • Public securities and more

CNCF Gift Acceptance and Distribution Policy:  Gifts received and accepted in accordance with CNCF gift acceptance policy become exclusive property of CNCF and may not be returned under any circumstances. Donors may express their wishes by recommending that CNCF provide funds to a CNCF approved program, project, or charity. Distribution of donated funds are confined to CNCF approved programs, projects, and charities.

While we acknowledge your contribution once initiated, it can take your financial institution up to 10 business days or longer to approve or deny the transaction depending on the contribution type. Until received and approved, your contribution remains in a “pending” status. Official contribution receipts in most cases reflect the date received. For year-end or time-sensitive contributions, please consider an E-transfer, EFT, or Wire Payment as the fastest option.

Some transactions may incur direct cost assessments that can reduce the amount credited to the fund such as credit card and public security transactions. Credit card transactions are charged a fee of 2.3%-3.5% depending on the card issuer. Facilitation of contributions that are distributed within a short period are assessed a 1% processing fee.