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CNCF International Charity Projects

CNCF offers solutions for donors who wish to provide support for charity projects from around the world. CNCF international charity projects and charities are carefully vetted by the Canadian National Christian Foundation as well as our global network partner agent Trustbridge Global Foundation, ensuring projects align with CNCF charitable objectives and are compliant with Canadian regulations.


The Canada Program is specifically designed for large donations or for international charities that have significant funding from multiple Canadian givers.

CNCF also facilitates gifts from international givers to Canadian registered charities through the TrustBridge Global network.

To learn more about current or prospective CNCF international charity projects, the Canada Program and TrustBridge Global Foundation, or how CNCF can help Canadian charities with international donors,  contact us at 866-580-9319 ext 102, or click to Schedule a Call, or click to SEND A SECURE MESSAGE to our team.