Open a Fund


  1. Open your CNCF Giving Fund today by filling out a short application form  downloadable here or by emailing or calling us for a printed copy.  It's fast and easy to complete.

  2. Give your Giving Fund a name.

  3. Make an initial contribution of at least $25,000 or more in cash or assets.  CNCF will issue a donation receipt for your gift as soon as it comes into our hands.

  4. Your contribution will be invested into an interest earning account where it will grow tax-free or you may choose to work with your own financial advisor for amounts over $25,000.

  5. You may recommend grants from your fund to any number of charities of your choice at any time, as long as it's at least $250.  CNCF sends out the cheques for you, with or without your identity - that's your choice.

  6. You, or others, may make additional contributions  to your fund at any time and a donation receipt will be issued immediately to the donor

  7. Give assets besides cash - CNCF will consider the acceptance and liquidation of many types of assets - from cash and stocks to real estate, business interests, and securities

  8. Give pass through gifts of appreciated securities which can be cashed by CNCF and then immediatley granted to your chosen charity.

The forms to the left are all available to you to enhance your charitable giving experience.  Please print them, complete in full, then scan them to or fax them to 866.652.8740

The staff at CNCF would be pleased to assist you with any of these.  Please contact us if we can help in any way.