Relief for Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues, Canadians are asking how they can help the people of Ukraine and surrounding countries.  There are many charities on the ground providing relief, care, and support where needed.

We’ve compiled this list of some Canadian-based Christian charities that are working on the frontlines in Ukraine and surrounding countries. All of the charities on the list below are already approved to receive grants through the Canadian National Christian Foundation (CNCF) right away. If you already have a Donor Advised Fund at CNCF,  log in today to recommend a grant. If you don’t have a Donor Advised Fund, you can open one.

  • We encourage you to do your own research of these and other charities. 
  • We also advise that you designate that your grant is for Ukraine. Some of these organizations are working in places all over the world.
Many local churches are also collecting funds to be directed to denominational partners in this war-torn part of the world.  

This is a developing story. Additional charities will be added as we receive information.

Action International Ministries

ACTION is currently ministering to people both in Ukraine and also in Poland.  In Ukraine, ACTION is working with contacts at five church-based shelters to provide practical, emotional, and spiritual help to internally displaced people and refugees as they make their way westward.  

On the Ukrainian border of Poland, volunteers are able to provide bigger items for people, like mattresses and kitchen equipment, including the triage assistance of medical help, food, and gasoline.  

Canadian Bible Society

CBS is at the forefront of bringing relief to Ukraine, working with other Bible Societies and humanitarian organizations. You can support their immediate plans, next steps and plans in the near future to help Ukraine and help offer comfort and hope from the Word.

Immediate response: Small booklets that provide texts on God’s hope and light, Children’s Bibles and more trauma healing resources. CBS is planning to translate, typeset, and print the Words of Comfort Scriptural booklet on an emergency basis. Next steps: Printing and providing more New Testaments and Children’s Bibles, Bibles in Ukrainian language, and diglot Bibles, particularly for the displaced people. These are needed by Bible Societies in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, and Romania. Near future: Trauma healing and counseling – a lot of people need it but the volunteers in churches in Ukraine are in urgent need.

Canadian Baptist Ministries

As part of the Baptist Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD), CBM is immediately releasing funds to support the response of the European Baptist Federation (EBF) and the Ukrainian Baptists.

CBM is receiving your financial support and is actively engaged through our partnerships to respond.  They are closely monitoring the escalating and fluid situation. 

Christian and Missionary Alliance Canada

In response to this urgent situation the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada has connected with The Church of Christ in Poland.  As refugees from Ukraine flood into Poland, church buildings, church camps and private homes are being used to welcome them.  Currently, the Polish people are giving all they can to help.  However, there is a need for additional funding to supply food, clothing, shelter, and transportation.  


Crossroads Cares’ Seminary partner L’Viv Theological, who ministers to the orphans, has opened the Seminary doors, offering refuge and care for those people who have left their homes, seeking a safer location.

Ukrainians face an uncertain future, but we serve a God who sees and loves them.  You can be the answer to Ukrainians’ prayers as they cry out for help. Together,  food, blankets, medical care, transportation, and shelter can be provided to families.  

GAIN – Global Aid Network

Global Aid Network (GAiN) through its offices in Germany and the Netherlands are packing and procuring essential items such as food, medicines, tents, sleeping bags and blankets to ship to their local frontline partners.  These much-needed items will be provided to refugees arriving in Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.  The goal is to raise $180,000 toward providing emergency relief.  You can help make a significant impact in Jesus’ name in this time of desperation. 

Humanitarian Aid Response Team

Support for HART is making a real difference!  Here is what has been accomplished in the past week:

  • Sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to our church partners serving refugees fleeing from the war zones. All churches are being converted into Refugee Aid Centers. 
  • Evacuated upwards of 500 orphans from Ukraine to Hungary, Poland, and Sweden.
  • Organized truckloads of humanitarian aid supplies from Germany to a distribution center near Lviv, Ukraine. This center will be accessible to all our church partners assisting displaced people.
  • Purchasing ambulances in Poland and delivering them to the hot spots in the East of Ukraine. Civilians are being targeted by the Russian army. 

Operation Mobilization 

OM has a Canadian* in Ukraine who is working with other OM team members in helping those displaced by conflict, working with local churches to provide relief and aid to those in need and providing hospitality to those fleeing the country. They are responding with:

● Emergency shelter in homes and church facilities
● Adequate food
● Sanitation, water and blankets
● First aid and medical kits
● Medical emergencies

Samaritan’s Purse

“Ukrainian families are hurting and in desperate need of physical aid and prayer during this difficult time,” said Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan’s Purse. “We are deploying life-saving medical care to aid people who are suffering. We want to meet the needs of these families in their darkest moments while pointing them to the light and hope of Jesus Christ.”

Samaritan’s Purse has additional disaster response specialists on the ground in Poland, Romania, and Moldova, and they plan to send a smaller medical clinic bound for Moldova on an additional flight this week. In addition to their medical work, Samaritan’s Purse is also preparing to distribute food inside besieged cities of the Eastern European nation.

Tearfund Canada

Give today to provide essentials such as emergency housing, blankets and food to families who have fled the center of attack.

As the situation changes hour by hour, their partners on the ground are springing into action, especially those situated in border countries, preparing to welcome and support those in most need.

Your gift today will reach families and churches affected by the crisis, providing them things like emergency housing and supplies such as blankets and food. They are collaborating with fellow Canadian Foodgrains Bank member, Mennonite Central Committee. Their partners are on the ground right now, assessing the situation.

The Great Commission Foundation

The Great Commission Foundation has several projects operating in Ukraine. They are thankful for all those who are in Ukraine helping displaced and frightened people by providing shelter, food, first aid and care. They are also thankful for those people in the neighbouring countries supporting the Ukrainian refugees who have been able to flee the country.

Your support will help them care for the Ukrainian people both inside the country and those who have escaped. The needs of Ukraine will not be fully understood for some time, but outside support will likely be needed for an extended period as the destruction of war often wreaks havoc on the country for a long time after the war ends.

TWR Canada

TWR staff in Europe are feverishly working to ensure that transmitter sites outside the war zone will be able to continue beaming vitally needed gospel programming to the Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians. Access to additional broadcast facilities has been secured, and backup sites are being planned. Ask the Lord to preside over these ongoing efforts, providing wisdom as these dedicated staff members sort through the complicated details and providing the necessary resources to his Word on the air. 

A TWR Ukraine staff member has remained near Kyiv and has been helping with food deliveries to others. And not only are programs of hope still being heard in Ukraine on AM radio, but content for this time and this situation was developed within Ukraine itself.

World Renew

They are working with our global networks in the region to respond to the needs of vulnerable families impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. They are supporting their peer organizations by providing essential items for people fleeing for safety to neighboring countries. In Slovakia, they are providing temporary shelters, emergency food, and emergency non-food items such as blankets, linens, mattresses, and basic hygiene items. In Romania and Poland, they are responding with health support by supplying health packs that will be used by local health centers.

World Renew continues to support their networks as they answer God’s call to extend love and hope to the many people left vulnerable by this conflict.