Connecting God's Money
with God's Work


CNCF offers strategies and giving options that allow you to give more than you ever thought possible and in ways that will have more impact on God’s kingdom while maximizing your gift. The CNCF Giving Fund is a donor-advised fund with a Christian focus. It is simple, creative, biblically and donor-centered.

Since 2003, CNCF has helped Canadian Christians maximize their giving, sending over $54 million to thousands of charities working around the globe.

Join us and invest in building God’s kingdom by giving to the causes you believe in. It’s like setting up your own private foundation without the cost and hassle of managing it.



Imagine being able to give to any charity anywhere in the world as God directs you.

CNCF, through its association with TrustBridge Global Foundation, is able to facilitate your international giving.  Ask us how.


From CNCF Regarding COVID-19

To our Donors, Advisors and Financial Professionals;
Most service organizations across the country have been connecting with their customers regarding their position during the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  CNCF would like to reassure you that we are on the job.  Our team works remotely most of the time, and our communication with donors and advisors is primarily electronic, so at this time we are not at risk of contributing to the spread of the virus. 
This is also a time when charities and ministries may be struggling financially.  The poor and marginalized already live on the edge.  The elderly need increased support and care.  Most churches will be empty and giving will decline.  Although this may not be the best time to sell investments held in your fund, if God should put it on your heart to grant from your fund or from cash in your account, we are here to serve you as you heed His will.
Together we lean into the faithfulness of a God who knows all things and controls all things, resting in the knowledge that He loves each one of us.  As believers we have the HOPE that the world needs now and always, so may we rise up together as generous givers of that message.


  • We are a community of believers: our staff, our leadership, our board, and our donors.
  • 100% of your principal is always available to grant out.
  • Our expert team can guide you through creative giving solutions.
  • We can handle non-cash gifts quickly and effectively, getting the money into the field as soon as possible.
  • CNCF can work with your financial professional to manage the assets in your Giving Fund, if desired.


Sharing a biblical world-view with those to whom you entrust your giving is good stewardship.


Hearing how God’s kingdom has been impacted by other donors is both encouraging and inspiring.


Knowing that the team at CNCF is skilled and eager to recommend the most efficient methods of maximizing your giving is peace of mind.

Explore the difference working with the Canadian National Christian Foundation.

CNCF offers concepts and opportunities that allow you to give more than you ever thought possible and in ways that will have more impact in God’s kingdom.